Why CLE?

Low Cost of Living

On average, the cost of living is 9% lower in the Cleveland area when compared to the rest of the nation. If you’re considering moving or relocating to Cleveland, check out our cost of living calculator to see how affordable life in Northeast Ohio can be.

According to the cost of living calculator on the CNN website, housing costs 78% less in Cleveland than it does in Manhattan, 68% less as compared to San Francisco and 32% less as compared to Chicago.

National Comparison


Source: Moody’s Analytics

prime location

Strategic Location

The Cleveland Health-Tech Corridor is a prime location for innovative health-tech and high-tech companies.

Within 500 Miles of Cleveland:


of Fortune 500 US Headquarters


of US Households


of US Population


of US Effective Buying Income


of US Earnings


of US Manufacturing Employment


Central Hub

Cleveland is centrally located in the most popular region in the US making it easy to travel to some of the largest cities in the country.


Atlanta, GA
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
New York, NY
Washington, DC


710.32 miles
639.09 miles
345.24 miles
463.10 miles
373.82 miles


11 hours, 25 min
10 hours, 29 min
5 hours, 28 min
7 hours, 50 min
6 hours, 26 min

Quality of Life

The vibrant City of Cleveland, with its low cost of living, has everything that employees need – from reliable public transportation and short commutes, to great schools and neighborhoods, to a variety of cultural and recreational resources. Cleveland has everything you’d find in larger metropolitan areas, but at a significantly more affordable price.

Key Assets

Prosperous cities are cities that have adapted to changing economic conditions. The cities that adapt most successfully are those that take stock of their assets and connect those assets to opportunities in growing sectors of the economy.

The HTC offers companies access to everything they need to grow and thrive – entrepreneurial support services, venture capital funding, a community of like-minded innovators, thought leaders at the academic and health-care institutions, local manufacturing capacity and expertise, a highly skilled workforce, and a commitment from the public sector to help small businesses expand.

With the addition of 100 gigabit Internet access from OneCommunity, companies in the HTC have access to the next generation infrastructure that gives Cleveland a competitive edge on the rest of the country.

Cleveland is fortunate to be a city rich in assets. These key assets, the foundation on which Cleveland’s economic growth and regeneration are being built, include:

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