Talent Attraction and Workforce

Talent Attraction and Workforce Resources

Talent Attraction and Business Guidance

  • Summer on the Cuyahoga   Summer on the Cuyahoga (SOTC) is all about exposing the best young talent to the abundance of professional opportunities in Northeast Ohio. It’s a unique summer internship program open to students who are rising juniors, rising seniors and recent graduates and attend one of our eight partner schools: Case Western Reserve, Colgate, Cornell, Denison, Ohio Wesleyan, Smith, University of Chicago and Yale. The program brings together 50-70 students for an intensive summer immersion program designed to help interns explore the professional, civic and social offerings of the Cleveland area. SOTC offers students challenging internships, community introductions, alumni connections, and group housing for the summer.
  • Ohio Means Jobs – Cleveland-Cuyahoga County
    OhioMeansJobs|Cleveland-Cuyahoga County (OMJ|CC), is committed to developing a working partnership with employers by assessing and assisting with Workforce needs. OMJ|CC oversees training programs that can supply employers with the latest information concerning hiring and financial incentives that can benefit businesses through On-the-Job Training Grants (OJT), Layoff Aversion, and Incumbent Worker Training programs. OMJ|CC assists with Job Posting Opportunities; Interviewing, Recruitment Events; Pre-Screening Referrals, Assessment Evaluations and Testing, all at NO COST.
  • JumpStart
    JumpStart’s entrepreneurial talent support services fall into four main areas: 1. Building a foundation of knowledge and best practices around all aspects of entrepreneurial talent; 2. Implementing programs that train entrepreneurs to spot, recruit and retain talent; 3. Providing transactional and financial support to accelerate the matching process between entrepreneurial companies and job seekers; and 4. Attracting the best entrepreneurial talent and teaching companies how to retain talent.
  • BioEnterprise CSU Internship Program
    Cleveland State University and BioEnterprise have entered into a partnership to place CSU students directly within companies in BioEnterprise’s network with the intention of identifying meaningful workplace experiences in the biomedical and health IT industry for local students. CSU Career Services assists companies in writing an internship job description and inviting students to apply for the position through CSU’s career network, Careerline. Within this program, there is an opportunity for a 25% wage reimbursement at the end of the intern’s work term through The Ohio Means Internship & Co-ops Program. For more information please contact Randall Hoyle.
  • BioEnterprise Business Development Associate Internship
    Under the guidance of an experienced BioEnterprise professional, the Business Development Associate Intern provides services such as market research, financial modeling, business planning, and property research and analysis. Graduate interns work on the BioEnterprise team for 12-18 months supporting clients, while undergraduate interns come through a variety of programs (including the Greater Cleveland College Now program and the Summer on the Cuyahoga program). Through the Ohio Third Frontier Program, the State of Ohio, and regional philanthropies, interns’ work for pre-revenue companies is funded. For revenue generating companies, BioEnterprise charges a modest fee of $25 per hour for graduate and undergraduate interns, and $150 per hour for an experienced business development professional’s project management support (generally no more than 10-12 hours per project). For more information please contact Randall Hoyle.
  • BioEnterprise
    BioEnterprise is a business formation, recruitment, and acceleration initiative designed to grow healthcare companies and commercialize bioscience technologies. As the primary resource for life science startups, BioEnterprise is centrally connected to community colleges, research and clinical institutions, a network of life science companies in Northeast Ohio, and Northeast Ohio economic development organizations, including TeamNEO, Jumpstart, and MAGNET – each with an abundance of connections and resources to help guide workforce and talent needs.
  • EnRICH (Enhancing Research and Industry Career Horizons) The CWRU School of Medicine’s EnRICH Program provides career guidance and support to PhD and Master’s students pursuing biomedical science degrees and simultaneously develops partnerships with organizations and mentors who recognize the skills of such students. During paid or non-paid short-term exposure or work experiences with employers/mentors, PhD and Master’s students explore future career opportunities, and employers network with and mentor talented and highly skilled students; further developing the talent pipeline for their organizations.
  • Venture for America Venture for America is a fellowship program that matches the country’s best and brightest college graduates at startups in cities with emerging startup ecosystems to build businesses, create jobs, and make an impact. VFA expands to cities with burgeoning entrepreneurial ecosystems and a low cost of living (support for VFA in the community is also taken into consideration). They choose companies based on excellent leadership, a high-quality product, and a good “feel”—meaning somewhere we think would be a great working and learning environment for the Fellow. Fellows attend Training Camp from June-July for five weeks, then begin their jobs throughout August. Then, during and after the fellowship, Fellows have access to seed money, training, and mentorship to start companies.


  • Cleveland Codes 
    Cleveland Codes is a 28-week immersive program that provides students with the skills necessary to pursue a career in web application and development, learning to program C# within the .NET framework.  They provide grants for those who qualify in order to participate in the program.
  • Tech Elevator Tech Elevator is a 14-week coding bootcamp for students who want more out of their careers.  They are invested in rapidly developing students’ abilities to code, and they fully support any career goals through their hiring network and Pathway Program™.  They help individuals learn to code, define their career path, and connect them to the greater tech community, especially in Cleveland.
  • We Can Code IT 
    We Can Code IT is expanding diversity in Technology and Engineering. They have computer and engineering workshops for kids and adults, and coding boot-camps for adults looking to join the lucrative IT industry. Their focus is to create and implement innovative curricula that keeps pace with modern times by using contemporary programs and cutting-edge technology.  They provide education and mentorship in Technology and Engineering to those who are underrepresented in the area; they focus on empowering women, African Americans, and Hispanic Americans.